Clinical Trials

BSA Harrington Cancer Center offers clinical research trials as part of our commitment to bringing new and advanced treatment options to our patients. Trials are scientifically selected by our research team for various cancer types, and are available to cancer patients who may be newly diagnosed, advanced staged or those who have run out of standard of care options.

A clinical trial study may:

  • Test the safety and effectiveness of new treatments
  • Look for a new indication of a previously approved treatment
  • Investigate the benefits of enhanced surgical methods and radiation therapy techniques
  • Identify the most effective treatments with the least amounts of side effects
  • Identify findings to improve cancer prevention and care delivery

How do I qualify?

Each study has specific guidelines, or eligibility criteria that determine who can or cannot be enrolled into the study. The criteria may include the type and stage of the cancer, age of the participant, medical history, current health status or specific genomic mutations. Study participants with similar characteristics are selected to ensure meaningful results. 

BSA Harrington Cancer Center is a member of SWOG Cancer Research Network. SWOG Cancer Research Network is a part of the nation’s oldest and largest publicly funded cancer research network. SWOG is a major part of the cancer research infrastructure in the United States,  and is part of the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network, or  NCTN. As a member of SWOG, we are partnering in the Lung Cancer Master Protocol (LUNG-Map NCT # 02154490). The Lung-Map trial uses genomic profiling to guide the treatment approach. The investigational treatments are specifically selected to target the genomic alterations that may be driving the growth of their cancer.

BSA Harrington Cancer Center also partners with the City of Hope in the Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Network (CCGCN) in conducting the City of Hope Hereditary Cancer Research Registry (Molecular Genetic Studies in Cancer Patients and their Relatives; IRB# 96144). The CCGCN is a large research group of over 40 collaborating sites in the United States, Mexico, and South America whose goal is to accelerate community-based, gnomically-informed translational cancer prevention and control research.

Click here to view all the current clinical trials offered at BSA Harrington Cancer Center. Patients may also search for trials open at different sites by visiting:

Contact Information
For information about clinical trials, contact Gina Cravey, RN, CCRC at or 806-212-1985.

*BSA Harrington Cancer Center receives some of its funding for research from a Public Health Service (PHS) grant and is required to post the following policy: Notice of Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

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