BSA Harrington Cancer Services offers some of the most advanced cancer-fighting and diagnostic technology available, all in a comfortable environment close to home. Technology combined with caring, highly-trained cancer specialists, yields a center leading the region in cancer treatment.

PET/CT Scanner

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) scans are both standard imaging tools that physicians use to pinpoint where the cancer is located in the body. PET/CT scans are conducted at 1500 Wallace Boulevard. 

TrueBeam Linear Accelerators


The BSA Harrington Cancer Center houses two TrueBeam Linear Accelerators. This sophisticated technology provides a wider variety of treatment techniques more efficiently and rapidly.

Better treatment all starts with advanced imaging. RapidArch rotation of 360 degrees combined with the couch’s 6 degrees of freedom, elevates the quality and precision of treatment. The 6 degrees of freedom refers to the motion capabilities of the couch where a patient is positioned for imaging and treatment. With 6 degrees of freedom, the couch is capable of less restricted motion capitalizing on 6 axes of rotation; side-to-side, up and down, front to back and to pitch and roll.

 The 6 degrees of freedom motion, advanced imaging and beam delivery allow clinicians to deliver treatment in pinpoint precision from nearly any angle of the body. With accuracy measured in submillimeter, exact positioning ensures the highest quality of precision dosage control which means treatment goes where it is’ needed and lessens exposure to surrounding areas in the body. The TrueBeam Linear Accelerators are synchronized to one another. This sharing of information means a seamless workflow, ensuring that target treatment delivery, patient positioning, motion tracking, precise dosage and beam shaping, are available to patients on either machine.


 Our technology has a communication system that allows for the patient to remain in contact with a clinician during their treatment, so they are not alone at any time during their treatment process. The TrueBeam Linear Accelerators are also equipped with music capabilities for the patient’s relaxation.  Patients choose their lighting options controlling lighting aspects such as brightness and tones which are cast over relief sculptures of the Amarillo skyline or the iconic silhouette of the Palo Duro Canyon Lighthouse rock formation.