Positive Attitude and Early Diagnosis Helps Woman Fight Breast Cancer

Reneay Palmer has a family history of breast cancer on her mom’s side. Knowing this put her at higher risk for developing breast cancer, Palmer was very diligent about getting a mammogram after turning 40. “I was sent to BSA Harrington Breast Center after an abnormal result from my very first mammogram,” explained Palmer.

Following her abnormal result, Palmer had a mammogram every six months to ensure her doctors could keep a close watch on her health.

On February 16, 2018, Palmer was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. “My cancer was caught very early,” shared Palmer. “I did not have any symptoms or pain.”

Palmer was impressed by the support she received during her treatment at BSA Harrington Cancer Center. “I had a wonderful nurse navigator, Sharri Miller, who came to a lot of my appointments to take notes for me,” Palmer shared. She let me know what the next steps were, set up appointments and was just an all-around blessing.”

In addition to her nurse navigator, Palmer worked with a team of oncologists and surgeons that included Dr. Brian Pruitt and Dr. Michael Lary to come up with a treatment plan.  

“All of my doctors were amazing with amazing staff,” said Palmer. “I think every doctor’s office could take a lesson from BSA Harrington Cancer Center. It runs like a well oiled machine, the wait times are never very long, the doctors are thorough and efficient and you leave knowing they are doing what they know is best for you.”

Palmer went through six rounds of Chemotherapy and 16 rounds of Herceptin, a drug used to reduce the chance of breast cancer reoccurrence, before having a double mastectomy on August 8, 2018.

“With my family history and genetic mutations, I didn't want to take any chances,” said Palmer. “I wanted to lower my risk of a reoccurrence as much as I possibly could.”

Palmer says that her family and keeping a positive attitude helped her through her cancer diagnosis. “I have an amazing husband, three wonderful kids and my parents to support me,” said Palmer. “I believe that your attitude in the face of a cancer diagnosis or any tough life situation makes all the difference.”

Palmer is currently in remission and has been for two years. She credits an early diagnosis as well as the care she received for her current status.

“I am so thankful that I had a mammogram that caught my cancer early and saved my life,” shared Palmer. “They did everything they could to not only take good care of me, but my family as well. I would never go to another health system in Amarillo.”

Palmer strongly encourages women to get yearly checkups, mammograms and to perform self-examinations at home. “Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, and with early detection is highly curable,” shared Palmer.

As a cancer survivor, Palmer had this piece of advice for anyone who finds themselves dealing with a cancer diagnosis, “stay positive, believe in healing and surround yourself with people who will lift you up.”

To schedule a mammogram at BSA Harrington Breast Center, visit mychart.bsahs.org or call 806-212-1905.