Patient Financial Services

For assistance with insurance claims or questions regarding your account please contact (888) 568-3522.

Physician Payment Information

Each clinic has a Financial Counselor who is available to meet with you regarding your physician's payment options. Once your treatment plan is determined by you and your doctor, a Financial Counselor will meet with you to discuss your payment options. Please contact the Financial Counselor at any time throughout your treatment if you have questions about your account.

BSA Harrington Cancer Center Payment Information

In most cases, BSA Harrington Cancer Center will accept your assignment of insurance benefits and will forward your hospital bill directly to both your primary and secondary insurance companies. We will allow 90 days from the date that we bill the insurance company for payment. If you have not received a notice of payment from your insurer within 45 days of service, we recommend that you contact the insurer directly and encourage speedy payment. If the insurance company has not sent payment to the Cancer Center within 90 days, the status of your account will change from "insurance pay" to "patient pay." At that time, you will be expected to make prompt payment or establish a payment plan agreement.

Health Insurance Coverage

As a patient, it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance carrier has been contacted to pre-certify your procedure. Patients should familiarize themselves with the terms of their insurance coverage, and the specific requirements of their plan. For information, please review your group carrier insurance plan or call your plan administrator. If you have further questions regarding this process, a BSA Harrington Cancer Center Business Office Representative or a BSA Harrington Cancer Center physician's office Financial Counselor will welcome the opportunity to assist you.

You are responsible for all charges that are not paid by your insurance company or another source.

Billing Information

You may receive a bill from any of the following...

Harrington Cancer Center

radiation therapy technical fee, lab, diagnostic imaging, mammograms, PET-CT

Harrington Physicians, Inc. (HPI)

doctor visits for medical oncology, chemotherapy, nurse only visits

Bill Byrd, MD (PET-CT)

professional fee (oversight and reading of PET-CT scans)

High Plains Radiological Association

radiology professional fee (oversight and reading of x-rays and CTs)