Grandmother of Seven's Positive Attitude Can't Be Beat by Cancer

Eleanor Sitton is a wife, mother and grandmother seven times over. She keeps busy with her family and volunteering but still makes time to go to her annual mammogram appointment at BSA Harrington Breast Center. This year’s exam would change Sitton’s life forever.

Abnormal images on her mammogram exam led to a diagnosis of breast cancer on June 26.

“The lady that told me I had cancer explained a lot of things to me about the type of cancer I had and what was going to happen. She even made my appointments with the surgeon and oncologists for me,” says Sitton. “She was a treasure.”

On August 2, Dr. Shane Holloway with BSA Amarillo Surgical Group performed a lumpectomy to remove the tumor and two lymph nodes. During her recovery, Sitton received support from her husband of 51 years and others in her life.

“I just have a great network of friends and family,” says Sitton.

Following her surgery, Sitton’s breast cancer treatment plan included radiation. Going in and out of radiation treatments sounds like it could be a trying experience, but she found her time at BSA Harrington Cancer Center to be the opposite.

“The staff has all just been friendly as can be,” Sitton shared. “It's been a great experience. They were positive they could work with the cancer and keep it gone.”

Sitton admits she has had to slow down a bit by cutting back on volunteering, but plans to be back at it as soon as she can. She’s making every effort to live a life that’s stress-free and healthy so she can recover as fast as possible. She offers the following as advice to anyone who may be going through the same thing.

“Keep a positive attitude,” Sitton said. “Exercise, eat lots of vegetables, sleep and reduce your stress. Do what you can and let the medical staff do the things they're good at. Together I think it works great.”

To schedule a mammogram with BSA Harrington Breast Center, please call 806-212-1905.