From Diagnosis to Disney: How a Positive Outlook Helped One Woman Survive Cancer

In June 2016, Pattie Archer had her routine mammogram at BSA Harrington Breast Center. Afterward, she received a call asking her to come in the next day and go over the report. She had a feeling it was cancer.

Pattie was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer and needed surgery and radiation.

“I wasn’t totally surprised when I was told I had breast cancer,” Pattie explained. “My adult daughter was with me when I was diagnosed. She said, ‘Mom how are you not going crazy about this?’ and I told her I was going to have to do what I had to do. I was looking forward to our trip to Disney World in the fall, and this wasn’t going to stop us from going.”

Pattie had surgery to remove the cancer at BSA Hospital in July 2016. “Dr. Lary from BSA Amarillo Surgical Group was my surgeon of choice. I’ve known of him for many years and he came highly recommended. I was extremely pleased with everything surrounding my surgery,” Pattie said.

One month after surgery, Pattie began radiation treatments at BSA Harrington Cancer Center.

“I was very blessed that my diagnosis was non-invasive, so I only needed radiation,” explained Pattie. “The people in the radiation department at BSA Harrington Cancer Center were wonderful. They were really caring and always asked how I was doing. I absolutely loved Dr. Arsenault, my radiation oncologist and Bobbie Perrin, my nurse navigator. I can’t say enough good things about the people who took care of me.”

Pattie’s experience at BSA Harrington Cancer Center even extended to the ladies who worked the front desk.

“When I came to check in for radiation, the front desk ladies had my name badge ready when I walked through the door. It made me feel good like they cared who I was,” Pattie said.

Pattie had her last radiation treatment on September 12, 2016. Two months later, with consent from Dr. Pruitt, her medical oncologist, Pattie and her family took a trip of a lifetime.

“In November 2016, my family and I celebrated conquering cancer at Disney World. It was really wonderful, the Disney employees helped us celebrate with special pictures, shirts, buttons and dinner privileges,” Pattie said.

Pattie strongly encourages women to get their annual mammogram.

“My cancer was strictly found on the mammogram,” Pattie shared. “They told me I wouldn’t have felt it until it was significantly larger and by then it would have been more advanced. I was very blessed they caught it when they did.”

Pattie continues to have her optimistic outlook.

“For being told you have cancer and having to go through treatments, it was all a very positive experience.”