Breast Cancer Patients Not Getting Recommended Exercise

Researchers reported in Cancer that two-thirds of breast cancer patients are falling short of the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise each week. Among those studied, 60 percent said their level of physical activity dropped after their diagnosis.

Survivorship Program offers Bridge following Cancer Treatment

When is a cancer patient no longer a cancer patient? Is it after the final round of chemotherapy or radiation? Is it the moment you learn the MRI is all clear? Is it after being in remission for a year? Two? Being a cancer patient is more involved than having cancer. There are fears, hopes, questions, side effects, and short-term and long-term concerns. Treating cancer is treating all of those factors. It is why we are proud to announce a new program called the Survivorship Program for cancer patients at Harrington Cancer Center to navigate the journey after treatment.


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